Frag Mod Apk 3.5.1 [Menu/God Mode, Money] In 2023

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It is also worth noting that arcade elements such as automatic shooting are combined with the requirement to select tactical schemes, so you must decide how you will act on the battlefield in FLAG Pro Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money).

Additionally, you will have access to more than 40 different characters, each with their own unique abilities. A photo-realistic three-dimensional graphics, an array of weapons, and a vivid animation make up FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk, making it a perfect arcade game.


The player controls a good gunner in FRAGS Pro Shooter. There are ten heroes on the chaotic battlefield, and the players are divided equally between the two teams. Each team chooses its own general to defeat the other team. The purpose of moving smartly on the battlefield is to reach the enemy quickly, using accurate aiming and excellent reflexes to defeat your opponents.

You’ll be able to enjoy a great visual experience thanks to the 3D platform combined with many effects. A scientifically designed interface helps you control the character without much difficulty. The audio is also very lively and fascinating.

Frag Mod Apk
Frag Mod Apk


FRAG offers a variety of gameplay dynamics; even its tempo changes abruptly, leaving players unable to keep up with their teammates or enemies. Even with all the support functions, it has a superb control mechanism that allows the player to have the most comfortable control experience possible.

Every character will have a different set of skills and stats, so their control mechanisms will be different, even affecting their skill system. As for the game’s control interface, it’s easy to use and customizable to suit each player’s preferences. There are advantages and disadvantages to every character.

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Changing characters quickly allows players to avoid attacks from their opponents. Players can change tactics easily and gain an advantage. Not only does the game have flexible controls, but it also offers convenient features like auto-fire and auto-aim for players to eliminate their opponents.

Many aspects of the shooting action genre are similar, including gameplay mechanics, controls, and features. As “FRAG” has many different game modes, it stands out as one of the best. Furthermore, players can create teams of up to five people and invite friends or clanmates to join them in battle.

For each game mode, there are specific rules, goals, and time limits. Competing in the competitive mode will allow players to win more rewards if they are looking for skill battles.


FRAG Pro Shooter is an online shooting game that brings you the most beautiful and challenging situations. The game’s unique features have made players excited and eager to play. You will not be able to avoid the many challenging tasks that the game offers.

Your enemies are always looking for ways to get rid of you. In order to avoid getting hunted down, you should be able to hide in mysterious locations and shoot them from a distance. With the flexibility of the gameplay, you can become a talented and famous shooter.


You should regularly visit the various tasks in order to perform them properly and earn valuable rewards. Doing so will help you improve your skills and increase your chances of winning the fight. At the same time, it is important that you learn how to overcome the disadvantages of the game.


In order to improve your skills and become a better shooter, you should be able to make friends with other people. This will allow you to develop effective strategies and improve your understanding of the game. Aside from this, you can also join various groups and hit people with the same passion for shooting.

Frag Mod Apk
Frag Mod Apk


Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Package Name com.ohbibi.fps
Publisher Oh BiBi 
Category Shooter
MOD Features Unlimited Money 
Version 2.20.0
Size 118M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0

Features of Frag Mod Apk:

The transition is superb:
After you die in the game, you can move to a new character seamlessly. It’s an important feature that helps with the gameplay continuity. Playing a video game is more fun when you can control the character.

Various Playstyles:
Different characters have different ways of playing the game. Because of this, you must master the tricks used by your opponents in order to increase your chances of eliminating them.

Twenty million players:
This is a very popular game! Around 20 million people play it. In this way, you will be able to interact with characters of different levels of expertise.

Ability to choose between first-person and third-person views:
What is your preferred control method? This game provides you with a unique opportunity to choose between first-person and third-person perspectives.

When you and your friends work together, you can eliminate your rivals quickly.

Several customization options are available:
For example, you can customize your attack and defense styles. You can also quickly switch between the 5 characters whenever you want.

Team Building:
There are over 70 characters to choose from in this game so that you can create your own squad. Players also have the option of upgrading their characters.

MOD APK version of FRAG Pro Shooter

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Why can’t I see unlimited money?

You will always have 9999 diamonds, this amount will not be reduced when used.

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