Grow Castle MOD APK 1.36.4 (Unlimited Coin Money)

Grow Castle MOD APK

Grow Castle Mod Apk is a popular game in the style of tower defense. Do all you can to not let your castle be destroyed by your enemies. A large number of different warriors will be under your command, each with their own unique abilities.

You can use these points to recruit new troops and upgrade the strength of his castle and walls by slugging waves of enemies. You will be captivated by the graphics and simplicity of control within seconds of playing Grow Castle mod apk, becoming a famous military leader, and analyzing what your enemy is doing.

Immediately upon entering the battlefield, gamers will find themselves surrounded by enemies. Your only goal will be to defend the castle that your troops are positioned on. This castle is the last defense of your kingdom. The evil forces could reach the capital easily without it.

Grow Castle MOD APK
Grow Castle MOD APK

In that regard, it’s your job to take a heroic stand in the castle. The martyrs who will fight until the last breath is left in them have sworn to protect the kingdom along with you. Each unit has specific abilities and powers. Use different formations according to the enemy’s forces.

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Your army’s power will be enhanced as you make use of the upgrades and customizations. Build and expand your castle and strengthen your defenses. You can equip more units and recruit new ones in the upgraded castle so that they can hold off their enemies.


You must make sure your tower stands after each wave of enemy attacks, just like other defense games. On the first wave, things seemed fairly straightforward. Instructions are provided on how to add units and how the game works. A constant stream of enemies appeared from the right side of the screen, destroying everything in their path. Until that Wave ends, you will have to destroy them all.

Should you succeed, more enemies will appear. This means difficulties are increasing with each passing wave. Longer the defense period, the more powerful and faster the monsters become. Thus, you have to adapt by becoming stronger. You can improve the main tower by recruiting new units, building sub-towers, and upgrading existing towers.

Grow Castle MOD APK
Grow Castle MOD APK

Towers can be classified as primary or secondary, as I mentioned earlier. Your goal is to protect the tower against enemies. You will have to play it again from the previous Wave if it is destroyed at a certain time. In addition to the fact that it can hold many units of troops, the main tower also has a number of special skills. The tower’s HP and MP can also be upgraded. In addition, there is only one skill (each has a different skill) and one place to place units in the auxiliary tower.

Their strength is constantly increasing on the enemy’s side. A boss will appear at a certain time. A boss is powerful, has a lot of health, and can do a lot of damage. Make sure your army attacks quickly enough before the tower is unable to withstand the attacks.


You can upgrade your units in multiple ways:

As well as that, you can upgrade your units in a variety of ways. So you don’t waste too much money, you should only concentrate on certain units according to your tactics and strategies. Battle multiple waves of enemies and earn your victories.

Play this satisfying and unique strategy game:

With the release of Grow Castle, Android gamers will be able to enjoy a unique yet addictive strategy game. Assault your enemies and defend your castle. But if you fail, the fate of your whole kingdom is sealed. In addition, Grow Castle is extremely accessible and enjoyable due to its simplicity and improved mechanics.

Play the game with online players around the world:

Aside from that, the game also offers online gameplay, so players can play with other online players. In ranking games, you can compete with your enemies in real-time. Gain a higher rank by eliminating enemies and advancing in the game.

Your castle tower will be upgraded after each stage:

Construction and upgrading of castles can be done by players. Select from multiple upgrades, such as building new levels, expanding your towers so more men can fit inside, and upgrading its defense to withstand enemy attacks. Your tower can be topped with multiple floors or you can unlock extra fire powers.


The following units have different powers and abilities:

You can choose from various types of units as you play the game. Units have unique abilities and powers. Select the archers who are strong enough to deal with the enemies. Use magic to attack your enemies. Use your mysterious voodoo to curse them.

Heroes with powerful abilities:

In addition, the game also has mighty heroes who can change the course of battle with their appearances on the battlefield. Heroes can also gain new powers and level up, unlike normal units. If your heroes have the right and decisive help, they can easily turn the tide of battle against their enemies.

Make sure you upgrade your heroes so they can endure whatever comes their way. Your garrison will benefit from their unique buffs. It will be extremely enjoyable and fun playing a game with over 120 heroes, each with their own traits.

You can improve your businesses by conquest and colonization:

Furthermore, unlike other tower defense games, gamers of Grow Castle are introduced to other exciting activities in addition to the simple tower defense gameplay. Furthermore, you can earn resources by completing multiple missions. Furthermore, you can hire workers to collect gold on your behalf. Use every income source at your disposal to improve your overall position.

Playing the game is quick and enjoyable:

Growing Castle is the perfect game to pass the time during lunch breaks, daily commutes, or the like. When you open the game, you’re introduced to defensive battles. Start exploring this enjoyable and quick game whenever you like.

You can play it online or offline:

Additionally, the game can be played with or without an Internet connection, which is quite enjoyable. Become a part of millions of Android gamers as you play Grow Castle.

How to Install On Android:

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So the question raise is how to enable this feature for installing the apps?
For this, follow these steps:

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  • Then go to the Additional settings option.
  • Now select the privacy menu.
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Once you enable the feature, your mobile device is set to install the app on your devices

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