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GTA 5 Mod Apk
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Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5, is the most famous game still played by many users. It’s an open-world action-adventure game that follows three main characters. Additionally, GTA 5 MOD APK features a lot of missions and challenges, vehicles, and weapons than the original. The mod version offers unlimited money; hence you can get anything you like, buy anything you want or upgrade any item.

📌 App NameGTA 5
🩸 Update1 Day Ago
💥 GenreAction
🚨 PublisherRockstar Games
🔴 Version5.0.21
🔺 Size204 MB
🧨 MOD InfoPremium Features Unlocked
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GTA 5 controls are really simple and easy to use. This game is full of interesting missions, as the modes of the game depend upon the strength.

However, in GTA mod, there are many things to explore and a beautifully designed world. The real benefit of an open world is that you can do whatever you like without limitations.





Based on Los Angeles, the game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos.There are 3 main characters who are involved in illegal activities. The story centers on the robbery committed by Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Sniper. Despite all odds, they were considered dead after they escaped. Nine years after that incident, Michael changed his name to Michael De Santa and led a quiet life until he was framed for the crime by a FIB agent named Dave Norton. Each character in the game has 8 skills and is good at shooting, driving, and hacking.

The main task revolve around driving and shooting at robbery events. In addition to controlling a car, players are free to drive around freely. The game’s world is vast, with numerous locations to explore. Players can buy properties or invest in stock markets to enhance their game. In battle, melee attacks, firearms, and explosives are used.

GTA 5 buildings

Features of GTA 5 Mod:

This mod version introduces many new features which are described below:


There are approximate 10 modes available in GTA 5; these modes are defined as:

  • Snipers vs. Stunters
  • Trucks VS. Bikes
  • RPGs VS. Insurgents
  • Demolition Derby
  • Manhunt
  • Gun Game


The graphics are realistic and incredible. There are new modes discovered in the graphics of the game. These are named :

  • Fidelity mode
  • Performance mode
  • Performance RT mode

Game controls:

Game controls are really simple and easy to use. Player needs to know these keywords to understand the game controls. A few keywords used are:

WASD-forward, backward, strafe left or right


L-Alt- character switch

Q- cover

F- enter/exit vehicle


Interesting missions:

Grand theft auto is full of interesting missions, as the game’s modes and missions depend upon the team’s strength and how good you are at shooting, driving, or hacking.

Role-playing gameplay:

It’s all about the dangerous and adventurous underground illegal activities, which offers the player to play as a gangster and do these activities to win. Gameplay is the most adventurous and has the freedom for the players. A player can play three roles:

  • Franklin
  • Michael
  • Trevor

Player’s lifestyle will depend on which role-playing game he chooses, height, weight, weapons, faith, and everything.

In-depth and well-developed scenarios:

GTA 5 is a well-known game with various characters and military-grade weapons, including realistic scenarios. These scenarios in the background are just outstanding. Everything is detailed, and the audio and visual graphics are impressive.

GTA 5 militiary

Interactive environment :

An interactive environment is the most important feature when playing action games. With its interactive environment, it provides realistic and special effects and smoother runs while playing games. The player can drive anything he finds on the road without any interruption.


New animations have been introduced in the most recent version. The interiors of structures and working doors are examples of these aspects. The game now includes removed animations as well. Download the mod using the link below to see the new animations.


Various Locations:

Various locations are offered to the player, including a large map depending upon the modes player chooses. A small map means easy navigation, and a large map means full-on adventures. The large variety of locations allows users to enjoy more time on the game regarding how adventurous it will be.

GTA 5 locations

Unlimited Money:

The mod version has unlimited money; hence you can get anything you like, buy anything you want or upgrade any item. When you look around the arena of the gameplay, you will notice many things clothes, weapons, characters, and much more these all require upgrades and new items along the journey or adventure. Hence the mod version allows you to freely play the game using unlimited money.

No advertisement:

This modded version has no advertisement so the player can play without interruption. The game is played with a smoother effect allowing the user to spend more of his time enjoying the fun and adventures of the game.

All weapons and unlimited ammo:

GTA 5 gives you a lot of weapons and unlimited ammo. All these weapons are necessary to protect the player from the outer dangers of the game. The game provides the player with various weapons for shooting and robbing purposes.

Unlocked Features:

Unlocked features mean everything is unlocked, from building to new missions and weapons. This mod allows you to play the game without struggle or hard work. With most of the features unlocked, you only need to enjoy the game as much as possible.

GTA 5 Mod Apk


Is GTA 5 still free to download?

Yes, currently it is free to download, and it is an amazingly playable game with millions of views worldwide.

Is Gta 5 coming to Mobile?

Yes, it is available for mobile devices now, and it has been playing a much better counterpart here.

Is grand theft auto 5 available on iOS?

Yes, it is yet to be available on iOS devices.

How do I transfer GTA 5 online from PS4 to PS5?

For transferring online from PS4 to PS5, you need to first open it on PS4, then jump to GTA and go to the pause menu, where you then open the game tab. From here onwards, navigate to upload the save game, and you can easily save the file you need to open on the new system.


As a player in the game, you will experience a life of crime. It keeps players occupied with action and excitement. The experience is made even more enjoyable by the stunning visuals and impressive audio quality.

Our team had personally played the game GTA v mod android for a long time and loved the graphics and the unlocked thing. However, we can upgrade, customize and make changes. Besides that, there are plenty of more things to do. If you have any queries, you can comment below.

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