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Mini Militia MOD APK
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Today, I want to share with you Mini Militia Mod apk latest version. Download it to access unlimited resources, exclusive features, and non-stop action. Don’t miss out on this exciting upgrade to your favorite game.

📌 App NameMini Militia
🩸 Update1 day ago
💥 GenreAction
🔴 Version5.4.0
🔺 Size43M
🧨 MOD InfoPremium Features Unlocked
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It has a wide variety of weapons that can be used for personal purposes, like shooting enemies or using robots. To make the game more appealing to players, game creators offer them a wide range of skin tones and extra features.

[Mega features]
– Premium
– Less latency
– Zero cost
– Good performance
– One shot kill
– No reload
– 7x zoom
– Doodle army
– Unlimited health
– Unlimited ammo
– Mini militia wall hack
– Unlimited money
– Unlimited grenades
– Unlimited nitro
– Unlimited battle points

Infinite jetpack power
– No Gravity
– Health unlimited
– Magic 7x zoom
– Invisible mode
– High-quality weapons
– Capture flags
– Ultra-speed mode
– Fixed bug mod

This popular Android game is all about the fight of a soldier who leads an army and develops strategic plans to win the war. Throughout the game, a solo fighter tries to save the lives of his teammates. The best thing about this Android game is that it is free of cost and provides different features like avatar customization, awards, offline practice, maps, and online death matches.

It allows you to conduct searches for many different players. Players can perform through separate nicknames. With this game, each player only owns a unique nickname, so there is no case where two players share the same nickname.

Mini Militia MOD APK


This mod is easy to play; all you have to do is to load the weapon before the battle and kill as many enemies or attackers as possible. Pay attention when you enter the battlefield because many people are ready to smash you into pieces.

But in order to win the game and be the last person stand, you need to be aware of the bushes in the jungle where your foes are hiding. The game’s instructions are provided in given the sections.

  • Jumping
  • Hiding
  • Shooting
  • Combat

Features of Mini Militia APK:

Some best Mini militia mod game Features are given below that will help you in this game. Let’s move towards them:

Weapons and Characters:

 Since this is a war game, it is crucial to shoot the adversary from behind a bush, tree, or other obstruction. Must use the rewards you receive from the wars for right purposes. Players must first add their own special weaponry.

 A player should always carry two firearms in order to have an advantage. The player should be given a shotgun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher.  Different combinations of weapons work well together.

Before engaging in combat, you must check the weapons and reload them, hide time bombs and mines behind the bushes to kill the enemy immediately, and keep an eye on the rocket fuel and try to keep it full. To regain your health in the event of a hit, you will need to flee and hide behind something.

 There are a number of weapons used in this game, some of them are listed below:

  • Sniper rifles
  • Flamethrowers
  • Machine guns

Free reward:

For a limited time, the designated Mini Militia will give you free Coin and Crate. Even though it’s a free prize, sometimes it can help you get a unique gun. Never undervalue things like this. Additionally, users get Cash from inviting friends through social media sites like Facebook. You may even track them online and invite them to fight alongside you against different foes.

Different Maps:

A complete map system gives players even more to explore. This game is bound within 2 to 3 maps but has 15 + different maps with different mods, making the game more interesting. In addition to the various scenes and battles on map, each has its own distinct opponents. Those might be dangerous areas with rough rock formations in the mountains.

Multiplayer mode:

If you want to play with friends, then you are on right place. It allows 6-12 players to play together online and on WIFI. So this feature is very amazing and thrilling as user can enjoy a lot and going to win the battle with teamwork.

mini militia multiplayer

Online and offline mode:

The offline play option is available in addition to internet connectivity. To play with friend offline connect your wifi on and off your mode, so you will be able to play this game offline with your 12 friends at any time.


Like every other game, it also has some controls in it. These controls are basic not too difficult. You will notice the characters are slow at first, but this is intentional. You can also control characters near enemies.

mini militia control

Death match:

This mode adds more excitement and fun to the game. Actually, this is a death match and only one will be a winner. With help of this feature you can kill a maximum number of the enemy, either you are playing solo or with the group. You can kill as many as you can, so it is called as deathmatch..

Premium version unlocked:

With help of this version you can get access to everything, including maps, stages, ammunition, nitro, and other items that can be purchased by spending an unlimited amount of coins and gems. There are tons of different weapons with different capabilities including melee weapons like swords, axes, maces, and spears ranged weapons such as archery & ninja stars, and mystical powers.

mini militia deathmatch

What’s new:

  • Can invite friends via Facebook, WhatsApp.
  • Improvements guide for new players.
  • You can now play custom games with other players by adding them as friends!
  •  new sound effects.

Mini Milta Mega MOD Video Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I play mini militia doodle army 2 on PC?

When it comes to downloading games for PC,  BlueStacks is the best platform. In fact, you can download the game on your PC using BlueStacks.

2. Is mini militia safe to download?

Yes, absolutely it is safe and secure to download. There is no need to worry about any threats and viruses or hackers.

3. Why does MiniMilitia hang?

Verify that your operating system is installed and running on the most recent version available. Eliminate any background-running applications. Clear the game’s data and cache, then uninstall and reinstall it.

4. Is Blue Stacks a virus?

NO, the blue stack is not a virus. If you download it from some unofficial websites then it may have some issues. It is an android emulator. I would suggest you to download this emulator from the official website and you will never have a problem. It works smoothly for medium-level games such as doodle army 2.

5. How do I download the mini militia wall hack?

You can easily download the wall hack by following the mentioned steps:
Go to the website
Search for wall hack mod apk.
Click on the page.
Click on Download Wallhack mod apk.
Download it on your android phone.

6.  Is mini militia a Chinese game?

Technically, it is developed by a Chinese company that is quite popular and one of the famous companies.


The mini militia is an army doodle game all based on war and shooting; the game is an action game. It is a shooting game where you can either play solo or with a group of friends and attack the enemy, killing as many of your enemies as you can.

With its excellent features, we can conclude that this mod apk is a fantastic application. Therefore, this game is a must for those people who love to play adventure games. We have shared all the necessary information.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can below without any hesitation.

Keep enjoying and visit our site for more interesting content.

Download Mini Militia v5.4.0 Apk [Mod Menu]

To download the game, use the following guidelines given below:

  • Search the browser for the game.
  • After finding the game click the download button
  • Enable the unknown user mode on the phone by going into the setting, so it gives access to download
  • After the download is complete, unzip the file
  • Install the file anywhere you like
  • After completing the installation, play the game

Download the game mini militia to enjoy the best shooting game in action history.


Before Installing you can delete the previous application of this game.

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